Staying at the getaway hotel

FamilyLife recommends that you enhance your getaway experience by staying overnight at the getaway hotel. The getaway hotels have graciously extended a special discount for all Weekend to Remember guests. Hotel information can be found with the getaway event information on the Find your getaway page.

You are responsible for making your hotel reservations.  When you call the hotel to make your room reservation, mention that you are attending FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember so that you will receive the discounted room rate we have negotiated with the hotel. You must reserve your hotel room at least three weeks prior to the getaway in order to guarantee this special discount rate.

Tips for your upcoming weekend

If you are staying at the hotel, plan on arriving on Friday about one hour before the getaway starts (6 p.m.) so you can check-in, unload your bags, and sign in for the getaway.

If you are not staying at the hotel, try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the getaway (6:30 p.m.) so you have enough time to sign-in and find a seat.

The weekend is casual in nature. Dress comfortably. We all have varying degrees of hot/cold comfort, so plan ahead by wearing short sleeves (even in winter months) and by bringing a sweater or jacket (even in summer months).

Meals are not included in the getaway registration fees. Many hotels offer meal specials specifically for those attending the getaway. The getaway hotel could be a good source of information regarding restaurants in the area.

A special part of the weekend is the Saturday evening “Date Night.” We recommend making special dinner arrangements prior to the getaway weekend for this evening.


“After 10 years of marriage, we “made love” for the first time. It was sex before. Now it’s different. We had begun the healing/restoration process prior to the conference, but “Marriage after Dark” [session] with its project was the missing puzzle piece! We are so thankful!! We are at the starting line—beginning our healthy journey. Thank you so much! ”

-Wife Married 10 years, Anchorage, AK